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NYCdata is sponsored by the Weissman Center for International Business at Baruch College. The mission of the Weissman Center is to provide meaningful international educational experiences for Baruch undergraduate and graduate students, support scholarly research and teaching with an international business perspective, and contribute to the economic life of New York City. By providing International Student Exchange programs, Study Abroad programs, Global Student Certificate programs, International Internships, research and seminars about the global economy and New York City, the Weissman Center helps prepare Baruch College students to succeed in the global marketplace. We at NYCdata are proud to provide you with a roadmap to New York City, one of the most dynamic cities in the World.

The Weissman Center for International Business is under the direction of Dr. Terrence Martell, Saxe Distinguished Professor of Finance. For more information about the Weissman Center, go to zicklin.baruch.cuny.edu

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