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Baruch Named United Way of NYC Community Partner of the Year

United Way of New York City President & CEO Gordon Campbell (center) poses with 2007 honorees. From right: David Birdsell, Baruch College School of Public Affairs; Michelle Love & Lily Jung, USPS-Brooklyn; Campbell; Nicole Lanni & Thomas Dillman, Mutual of America; Ed Goldberg, Macy's East. (Photo: United Way)

New York, Ny October 25, 2007--Baruch College has won the United Way of New York City’s Community Partner of the Year award for 2007.  Specifically, the United Way is recognizing Baruch’s School of Public Affairs for its efforts to establish the United Way of New York City’s Nonprofit Leadership Development Institute and develop and teach its Junior and Senior Fellows Programs.  This is the first time that the award has been issued to a university.  Dean David Birdsell is accepting the award on behalf of the College at ceremony on November 13 in the Delegates' Dining Room at the United Nations.

“I'm thrilled about this for several reasons. First, it's a strong endorsement of a model of professional development that we've created with our program partners,” said Dean Birdsell. “Second, it underscores our best-of-breed commitment to working with public sector organizations and staying the course over a long period of time. There aren't too many universities doing work like this. Third, it provides recognition for our staff that has performed prodigious work in this sphere of public service; they richly deserve it.”

The United Way of New York City’s Nonprofit Leadership Development Institute programs provide a diverse group of professionals with the skills, connections and credentials necessary to lead, either as a nonprofit professional or board member.

The Junior Fellows program is designed to provide professionals from New York City-based 501(c)3 nonprofits who have two or more years of experience in the nonprofit sector with a strong foundation in both the theory and practice of nonprofit management.  The program's curriculum is comprised of 12 weekly seminars on topics that include advocacy and government relations and performance measurement.  All sessions are taught by SPA faculty including David Birdsell, William Ferns, Florence Frucher, Frederick S. Lane, Douglas Muzzio, E. S. Savas, Carroll Seron, Ryan A. Smith, Lynne A. Weikart, and Daniel W. Williams.

The Senior Fellows Program helps high performing nonprofit professionals with five or more years of experience in the sector develop the skills necessary for advancement to the executive level. It is a two-semester, one-year, academic program at SPA that grants 12 credits towards a Master of Public Administration (MPA) degree.  In addition to participating in classes, participants will have the opportunity to do a consulting project for a New York City-based nonprofit, be introduced to a wide spectrum of the most recent literature on nonprofit management and analyze case studies.

“ is great to have the opportunity to not only to learn from the professors, but also... to roundtable, to interact with other people at your level but in different sections of the nonprofit world, to hear what their challenges are, and how they are resolving them,” said Elinor LaTouche, Assistant Executive Director, Programs, Mercy Home for Children.

SPA’s nonprofit leadership training is getting broad attention nationally. Dean Birdsell will be serving as the chair of the National Association of Schools of Public Affairs and Administration's Committee on Executive Education for 2007-2008.  This is the group charged with developing accreditation and quality standards for public sector executive education nationwide.

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