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Transit Strike Update

Memorandum to: The Baruch College Community
From: Ned Regan
Re: Planning for a Possible Transit Strike
Date: 12 December 2002

In the event of a transit strike, the University will remain open and operational. All employees are expected to report to work. As communication to our community will be critical, up-to-date information and any changes to the final exam schedule will be posted on the College’s website ( and available via a telephone hotline at 646-312-INFO.

Final Examinations

Because it is not clear whether a transit strike will occur, or how long it might last, students and faculty should continue to prepare as if the exam period will proceed normally. In the event of a strike, the cancellation of exams will be considered on a daily basis. If City subway and bus systems are not running by 6:00 a.m. on an exam day, all exams for that day (and evening) will be cancelled and rescheduled, most likely during the January intersession. If transportation systems are running by 6:00 a.m., students and faculty should proceed with exams as scheduled. Information about whether exams will take place as scheduled, and/or when rescheduled exams will take place, will be available on the College’s website and via the telephone hotline.

As we will be in the midst of final exams if and when a strike occurs, adequate staffing of the library and other student-oriented functions are a high priority.

College Employees

All employees should discuss with their supervisors any hardships they would face traveling to campus in the event of a strike. Supervisors are encouraged to be flexible, permitting, where possible, staggered work schedules or other arrangements designed to maximize institutional efficiency. The Office of Human Resources has compiled rosters of employees by zip-code to facilitate carpooling. If you are interested in learning of colleagues who live near you and may be interested in traveling together, please contact the Director of Human Resources via email at

Time and Leave Policies for All Employees Other Than Those Designated as Essential

I. Classified Staff

The time and leave rules set forth in the Blue and White Collar contracts apply. Full-time classified staff members who are unable to report to work will be allowed to use either their annual leave or compensatory time balances to cover their absences.

College Assistants are paid only for time worked, and may be offered the opportunity, if possible, to make up the hours lost.

II. Instructional Staff

If classes are in session, teaching faculty, including adjunct teaching faculty, who are unable to meet classes, are expected to make up these classes. Full-time non-teaching instructional staff who are unable to report to work will be offered the option of using annual leave or taking a salary deduction, in accordance with the rules enunciated in the most recent arbitration case between the PSC and CUNY concerning severe weather conditions. Employees in non-teaching adjunct titles, the Continuing Education Teacher title, and adjunct or hourly College Laboratory Technician series titles are paid only for time worked, and may be offered the opportunity, if possible, to make up the hours lost.

III. Advance of Annual Leave

For both classified staff and non-teaching instructional staff, advance annual leave will be offered to employees who do not have sufficient annual leave and must utilize annual leave as a consequence of strike conditions.


Unless staff members are able to walk to the College, they may well encounter delays in getting to work. Obviously staff should allow considerable extra time for travel, but reasonable lateness caused by the failure of public transportation will be excused.

Early Departures

If an employee finds it necessary to leave work before the end of the regular work period, it will be allowed upon permission of the immediate supervisor. Such time will be charged to annual leave or, if available, to compensatory time.

Designated Essential Staff

Instructional and classified staff who are designated essential employees for the purposes of emergencies at the College are reminded of their responsibility to report to work as scheduled.

I know you join me in hoping that the Transport Workers Union and the Metropolitan Transportation Authority will find an acceptable common ground in the next few days and we will avoid the inevitable difficulties a strike would entail. I am confident, however, that if we must face this challenge, we will do it with the grace, good humor, and professionalism that has always characterized our community.

Many thanks.

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