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Baruch's Professor Sofaer Awarded Research Grant for Nursing Study By Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

New York, NY, September 27, 2006 Dr. Shoshanna Sofaer, the Robert P. Luciano Professor of Public Policy in Baruch’s School of Public Affairs, has been awarded a grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) to study nursing quality measures with patients and consumers.

Sofaer’s team is led by scholars in health policy, public policy and nursing, with the goal of developing nursing-sensitive quality measures that patients and other decision-makers will find important and useful.  In addition to verifying with recent patients how they respond to existing nursing quality measures, the project will also work on new measures in an area that both patients and professionals often point to as critical:  the coordination of their care.  The team hopes these measures will both identify the contributions nurses make to the health of their patients and how they need to improve. 

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s first round of grants awarded through its Interdisciplinary Nursing Quality Research Initiative (INQRI) program included nine teams of nurse scholars and scholars from other disciplines that will conduct two-year research projects to examine the link between nurses’ contributions and the safety and quality of patient care. Teams each received up to $300,000 for their projects, designed to generate, disseminate, and translate research to improve the quality of care provided in hospitals.

More than half of all health care providers in the United States are nurses, but little rigorous research exists that demonstrates the impact of nurses’ care on patient outcomes. INQRI, a five-year program aims to identify causal linkages between nursing and health outcomes for patients.

“The INQRI program is designed to produce research that has impact,” explained Lori Melichar, Ph.D., an economist who is spearheading RWJF’s role in the INQRI program. “Our expectation is that by bringing interdisciplinary methods and perspectives to questions about nursing and soliciting early input from potential end users of the findings, we will help to ensure that the research questions and results will be meaningful and relevant to a broad range of decision makers.”    

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