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Baruch Law Professor Co-Authors 2007 Securities Arbitration Desk Reference

New York, NY – August 13, 2007--The 2007 edition of Securities Arbitration Desk Reference (Thomson West, 2007), co-authored by Baruch Professor of Law Seth E. Lipner and Professor Joseph Long of Oklahoma Law School, becomes available tomorrow.  Both authors are distinguished law professors who draw upon decades of experience in effectively representing persons in securities arbitrations.

One of Professor Lipner’s areas of expertise is the "gray market" business of selling genuine trademarked goods in the United States that were not originally intended for sale here.

This publication combines the securities arbitration law and rules for self-regulating organizations (National Association of Securities Dealers and the New York Stock Exchange), pertinent securities statutes and regulations, Uniform Securities Law Acts, and relevant broker-conduct rules of the NASD and NYSE. The text of each statute and rule is followed by expert commentary and practical suggestions, as well as extensive citations and references to interpretive material and case law.

The 2007 edition of Securities Arbitration Desk Reference is the first such work available anywhere that features a full analysis of the new National Association of Securities Dealers (NASD) arbitration Code, with cross references to and from the old Code. The 2007 edition also contains a new chapter on statutes of limitations, improved organization and over-all user-friendliness, and complete updates with all recent and relevant 2006-07 court decisions and rule changes.  

The 2006 edition was described as follows by the Securities Fraud Attorney’s blog: "Professors Seth Lipner and Joe Long have put together an essential reference book which all attorneys should bring to the hearing. The Securities Arbitration Desk Reference has the arbitration statutes, SRO arbitration and conduct rules, the Blue Sky Laws, the Securities Acts and insightful commentary by two experienced securities arbitration professionals."

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