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University Distinguished Professor of Management S. Prakash Sethi, director of the International Center for Corporate Accountability (ICCA), is profiled in a special commemorative issue of Centerpoint Now, published by the United Nations to mark its 60th anniversary. Sethi, a pioneer of corporate codes of conduct, has been a tireless advocate of accountability--a concept he has helped broaden to encompass the fair treatment of Third World wage-earners and the protection of the environment.

As a result of his work crafting and monitoring voluntary codes of corporate conduct, Sethi is now a policy advisor to the UN’s Global Compact, which has goals similar to those of the ICC.  It is Sethi’s mission to “put teeth” into these labor and environmental standards. He argues that it can be done--and that companies that behave ethically actually gain a “competitive advantage” that rebounds to the bottom line.  

Another Baruchian, Charles Riley II, associate professor of journalism, is the author of this admiring and illuminating profile.  Riley himself is the author of several books including Disability and the Media and, most recently, The Jazz Age in France.  The complete profile may be viewed by visiting:

The profile is the first item under ICCA Feature Stories section located on the right side of the page.    

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