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Baruch College Prof. Elected to the International Academy of Management

New York, NY – Nov. 12, 2007 – S. Prakash Sethi, University Distinguished Professor of Management, has been elected to the International Academy of Management, the highest honor conferred to an international management scholar. According to the Academy’s website ( membership denotes “outstanding international contribution to the science and art of management.” It is similar in prestige to the National Academy of Arts and Sciences.

Professor Sethi, who joined Baruch College in 1982, is internationally known for more than 30 years of research and writing in the area of business ethics and corporate social responsibility. He is currently the president of the International Center for Corporate Accountability, Inc. (ICCA), an independent non-profit think tank based at Baruch.

Best known for developing the idea of corporate codes of conduct, Sethi served as the chairperson of the Mattel Independent Monitoring Council for Global Manufacturing Principles (MIMCO) from 1997-2002. The Council was made up of a group of outside experts who monitored the toy manufacturer’s compliance with its own manufacturing principles as spelled out in voluntary codes of conduct.

With the goal of narrowing “the gap between corporate performance and society’s expectations” by curbing flagrant human rights abuses in developing countries, Sethi and the multinational codes of conduct he has helped design have impacted such things as child labor, wages, health, safety and living conditions for people around the world. In 2003, Sethi was named winner of the prestigious Beyond Gray Pin Stripes Faculty Pioneer Award given jointly by the Aspen Institute and the World Resources Institute. His work was cited at the time for its “external impact.”

The International Academy of Management currently has 262 members from 34 different countries, many of them the most illustrious names in the discipline. The Academy, officially founded in1958, has its origins in the World Council of Management which began in Prague in 1924 at the initiative of President Jan Masaryk. Election to the Academy is by vote of existing members.

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