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Rubin Fellows Program Welcomes Six Baruch College Professors

As a component of Baruch’s recent partnership with the Rubin Museum of Art, six Baruch College professors have officially become members of the Rubin Faculty Fellowship Program. Under the program, they will revise the curriculum of their course(s) or develop a new course that integrates the arts and humanities. The newly-named fellows include Dr. Carla Bellamy, Department of Sociology and Anthropology; Dr. Katrin Hansing, Black and Hispanic Studies; Dr. Karen Shelby, Department of Fine and Performing Arts; Dr. Lilia Ziamou, Marketing and International Business; and Drs. David C. Hoffman and Jerry Mitchell of the School of Public Affairs. 

As a fellow of this esteemed program, each professor will receive a $5,000 stipend for the term and a $2,500 budget to hire a Baruch student as a research assistant. More importantly, the program will offer each fellow the unique opportunity “to integrate the museum and its collection and activities into their curriculum through a variety of approaches,” says Project Director Professor Stan Altman.

Each of the chosen professors has outlined his or her statement of intent for fostering classroom learning through their participation in the fellowship program. Prospective educational opportunities include student presentations based on exhibitions at the museum; the development of new curriculum which focuses on the literature, artwork, culture, and/or politics of the Himalayan region; and an increased effort to educate and initiate interest in arts programming around the College and in NYC through the freshmen seminar program, which all entering freshmen must take.

Participating fellows will become oriented with the Rubin Museum of Art through educational seminars and museum visits. They will also act as tour guides for their students and other groups during visits. An end-of-term syllabus reflecting the work that’s been done to incorporate Rubin Museum resources into coursework is also required of the fellows. Regular meetings with other Rubin fellows, program directors, and College deans, who will help to facilitate these efforts, will take place throughout the semester. Says Dean Jeffrey Peck of the Weissman School of Arts and Sciences, “I am particularly pleased that while [this fellowship program] will enhance the arts and humanities at Baruch, it will also broaden the education of all of our students."


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