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Baruch Awards Zicklins with Medal for Philanthropy

New York, NY -- October 15, 2007 --President Kathleen Waldron announced that Lawrence Zicklin ’57, LHD (Hon.) ’99 and Carol Zicklin have been honored with William and Anita Medal for Philanthropy, a newly established medal in recognition of extraordinary, leadership-level generosity to Baruch College.  The award is named after William Newman ’47, LLD (Hon.) ’97 and his wife Anita, dedicated friends and benefactors of the College.

President Waldron said, “In the long and distinguished history of Baruch there are certain pivotal figures who have done just the right thing at just the right time to propel Baruch to a level of excellence and regard.  Bill and Anita Newman made Baruch College part of their family by lending their name to our Vertical Campus, our Library, our Conference Center and our Real Estate Programs.  Their vision for the future and their extraordinary generosity raised our sights and our ambitions.”

“In choosing the first recipients of this honor we considered those individuals who have what we think of as the Newman ethic: like Bill and Anita Newman, the recipients insist that the College keep competitive, innovative, and vital in its scholarship and service to its students,” continued President Waldron. 

The Zicklins are the namesakes for the College’s Zicklin School of Business and have also supported the Robert Zicklin Center for Corporate Integrity, the Lawrence and Carol Zicklin Chair in Corporate Integrity and Governance, and the Zicklin Strategic Impact Fund.  Larry Zicklin is the president of The Baruch College Fund.

The medal was bestowed at the Baruch College alumni reunion in mid-October, at which Bill Newman was celebrating his 60th reunion and Larry Zicklin was celebrating his 50th reunion.  The following testimonial is excerpted from the Reunion 2007 program. 

William and Anita Newman Medal for Philanthropy

Lawrence Zicklin ’57, LHD (Hon.) ’99 and Carol Zicklin 

The very first recipients for the Newman Medal for Philanthropy are the College’s dear friends and benefactors, Larry and Carol Zicklin.  Larry’s generosity to Baruch began when he selflessly credited his success in life to the education he received and the enduring relationships he made at Baruch.  Larry and Carol have always remembered their roots. They have upheld the values and core mission of public education in exceptional ways.

When Larry visited the Baruch campus in 1996, he was galvanized by the energy and motivation of the students and by the College’s unwavering commitment to provide excellent, affordable education. His immediate response was to make a generous gift to the Campaign for Baruch in honor of his friend, partner, and fellow Baruch alumnus, Marvin Schwartz. In 1998, Larry became a Trustee of The Baruch College Fund, and from 2001 to 2003, he served as the fund’s president.  With our gratitude, Larry once again serves as the fund’s president.

In 1998 Larry and Carol made an historic gift to the College that has helped elevate the quality of a Baruch education in unprecedented ways. To honor their generosity and ongoing commitment to public higher education, the Board of Trustees of The City University of New York approved the naming in perpetuity of the Zicklin School of Business. Today, the Zicklin School is the largest and one of the most esteemed business schools in the country, and the value of a Baruch degree is at an all-time high.

Larry and Carol then endowed the Center for Financial Integrity, named for Larry’s cousin Robert Zicklin.  Larry said, “Bob was in the best sense a stickler for ethics and the law; he never cut corners, he always played down the middle, and for me he was the model of integrity.” The Robert Zicklin Center for Corporate Integrity is a forum for discussing a broad range of contemporary issues confronting U.S. corporations and capital markets, including transparency of corporate reporting and corporate governance.  It is known among corporate leaders, regulators, scholars and Baruch students for its conferences on subjects ranging from executive compensation to the strategic role of the board.

Larry and Carol continue to anticipate and meet the College’s needs.  They have endowed the Lawrence and Carol Zicklin Chair in Corporate Integrity and Governance, and they have established the Zicklin Strategic Impact Fund to support special initiatives at the business school. 

In deeply-felt recognition of their continued support and extraordinary commitment to the values of philanthropy, public service, and personal morality, we are delighted to bestow the William and Anita Medal for Philanthropy on Larry and Carol.  You have had a profound influence on the lives of many. 

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