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Library Announces Research Consultations for Term Paper Crunch

New York, NY - October 23, 2007--Just in time for term papers, Baruch’s Newman Library is offering one-on-one research consultation sessions. Students will get “the complete, undivided attention of a librarian,” says Stephen Francoeur, Information Services Librarian, who promises the sessions will do “the same thing we do at the reference desk, but it will be highly personalized, with a generous amount of time, and in the quiet confines of a librarian’s office.”

Though the program is aimed primarily at students taking English courses, students in any course may sign up for one of the half-hour sessions by filling out a “Research Consultations” form on the library’s web site.

The sessions, which have taken place for the past five years, have been very successful. Over the past few years, all surveyed participants have agreed that the sessions were helpful, with 65% expressing strong approval. 

The program’s goal is to help students with all aspects of term paper research, including finding and evaluating sources, narrowing down topics, and the proper citation of references. The librarians will not be reading students’ papers, however, and the sessions are not a substitute for or duplicate of the services of the Writing Center. “We will be helping students translate their research topics into very concrete search strategies and recommendations to find and use articles, books, and statistics,” says Francoeur. 

Consultations will run from Tuesday, November 6 through Tuesday, December 4 on the following days:

              Nov. 6  ..... Tuesday  .......... 1-3 pm

              Nov. 8  ..... Thursday  ......... 1-3 pm

              Nov. 13  ... Tuesday  .......... 1-3 pm

              Nov. 15  ... Thursday  ......... 1-3 pm

              Nov. 20  ... Tuesday  .......... 1-3 pm

              Nov. 28  ... Wednesday  ..... 1-3 pm

              Nov. 29  ... Thursday  ......... 1-3 pm

              Dec. 4  ...... Tuesday  .......... 1-3 pm

It is best to sign up in advance using the form on the library’s web site rather than to walk in without an appointment.

For additional information contact Prof. Stephen Francoeur, at 646-312-1620, or

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