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Journalists, Faculty Examine '04 Presidential Election on Nov. 4

Two days after the historic 2004 Presidential election, a group of prominent journalists will evaluate the campaign, the outcome, and what it means for the future of America. Organized by Baruch Professor of History Carol Berkin and moderated by Robert A Friedman, MBA ’67, “Post Mortem: Journalists Look at the 2004 Presidential Election” will feature Gail Collins, Editorial Page Editor of the New York Times; Barbara Raab, writer and producer for NBC Nightly News with Tom Brokow, and Wayne Hoffman, Managing Editor of The Forward, the nation’s largest Jewish newspaper. Carol Berkin, author of several books on U.S. history and a frequent guest on the History Channel ,will also take part in what promises to be a spirited discussion.

Please join Baruch College students and faculty and add your own voice this Election 2004 wrap-up. “Post Mortem: Journalists Look at the 2004 Presidential Election” takes place in the Newman Vertical Campus, Room 3-150, on Thursday, Nov. 4, 2004 at 12:45 pm sharp. Sponsored by the Department of History and the Baruch College History Club, with support from Robert A. Friedman and the Gilder Lehrman Foundation.

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