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Baruch College Opens a New Window to
New York City

New York, NY - September 26, 2005--Anyone who has ever clicked through countless Web pages seeking a specific nugget of information about New York City in vain, should visit  NYCData a new Web site created and sponsored by Baruch College’s Weissman Center for International Business.

“The NYCData website is designed to be the only resource anyone needs when looking for information about New York City,” said creator of the site, Professor Eugene J. Sherman, Fellow, Weissman Center for International Business at Baruch College.

The site was almost a year in the making, and is to be updated regularly. Under the direction of Sherman, five students in Baruch’s MBA programs organized the site, collected the data, and created links to appropriate sites. NYCData is a compendium of factual data representing nearly every aspect of the city that can be compiled, counted and analyzed. Organized by 16 topics ranging from sports and culture to historical labor force figures and consumer prices, the Web site offers over 400 pages of data and links to more than 4,000 other sites.

"Part of Baruch’s mission is to serve the needs of New York City,” said Terrence Martell, professor of economics and finance at Baruch, and director of the Weissman Center. ”NYCData helps achieve that goal.”

Maybe you need to know whether Orfeo, the earliest known opera still performed today, is among the top ten operas produced in North America over the last the last ten years, (sadly, it is not). Perhaps you need to find the percentage change in median household income in Brooklyn taken during the last census (it rose by 25.1 percentage points from 1989-90) and don’t have the time or patience to wade through Census Bureau data. NYCData has this kind of information and much more, in an easy to read format, complete with links to additional sites for further research.                                                                                                                

Lara Moon
Communications & Marketing
(646) 660-6093

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