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SEEK Director's New Book Examines
'Nuyorican' Identity

--Two Sisters Co-Author Rumination on Culture and Success--

Angela Anselmo, Director of Baruch’s SEEK program and her sister Alma Rubal-Lopez, a professor at Brooklyn College have co-authored “On Becoming Nuyoricans,” a history of their personal and intellectual odyssey from the projects of the South Bronx to academic prominence. Part autobiography, part reflection on culture, curricula and pedagogy, the book details their uneasy relationship to both Puerto Rican and mainstream American culture.

Growing up as “Nuyoricans,” both girls struggled with conflicting cultural values to forge an identity and a sense of belonging in world that consistently defined them as outsiders. Among the questions they attempt to answer is why, against popular expectations for Puerto Rican girls in the 1950s and ‘60s, they both excelled academically, when so many of their peers fell by the wayside. Angela dropped out of Barnard because of an acute sense of not belonging in a world of privilege, but completed her undergraduate degree at City College. Both women eventually obtained Ph.Ds in Bilingual Developmental Psychology from Yeshiva University.

"On Becoming Nuyoricans" is published by Peter Lang as part of the series Counterpoints: Studies in the Postmodern Theory of Education.

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