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NY IRS Office Targets High-Income Tax Fraud

Ellen Murphy, IRS director of taxpayer education and communication for New York State and New England, and Eli Mason, Baruch College alumni and patron.

BARUCH COLLEGE, NEW YORK, NY (12/20/02)- The New York and New England office of the Internal Revenue Service warned wealthy scofflaws about its aggressive new strategy at the Foundation for Accounting Practitioners (FAP) conference hosted by Baruch College on November 20. Baruch alumnus and FAP President Eli Mason ('40, LHD [Hon.] '78) was instrumental in bringing the annual meeting of over 175 certified public accountants to the college. Ellen Murphy, the agencys director of taxpayer education and communication, announced the new IRS measures during her speech. According to Murphy, the agency will focus future auditing efforts on people with annual incomes in excess of $1 million as part of an overall effort to increase revenues. To achieve this, the IRS hired 137 new auditors and collectors and refined the computer programs that analyze tax returns for inconsistencies. The agency will also put offshore tax shelters under closer scrutiny.


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