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New Additions to the Baruch College Historical Installation

The historical installation in the lobby of Baruch College’s Information and Technology Building is growing apace. A pillar devoted to the life and legacy of Bernard Baruch has been added to the two 20-foot high murals on the east and west walls. Against a deep blue background, with plenty of photographs, the story of Bernard Baruch, financier, philanthropist and statesman, comes to life.

The story of Bernard Baruch’s life is told in three parts. “The Public School Champion” takes Baruch from birth in a small South Carolina town to matriculation at what was then the College of the City of New York when he was just 14 years of age. “The Self-Made Millionaire” describes his meteoric Wall Street career and Baruch’s ultimate realization that just making money was not enough; “The Park Bench Statesman” details his work as wartime adviser to Presidents Woodrow Wilson and Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

A circular bench at the foot of the pillar has already become a popular perch for Baruch students pausing for a moment in the midst of their hectic schedules. As they stop for a breather, they can contemplate another part of the historical installation -- a large plaque on a nearby wall celebrating Baruch College’s most generous alumni and supporters.

A second pillar is planned for the east side of the lobby. It will further elaborate the rich history of the College named for its most illustrious alumnus.

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