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New "Generation Baruch" Marketing Campaign Unveiled

--Ads in Major Publications Encourage Alumni Participation--

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The Generation Baruch ad as seen in the New York Times on May 25 2005

For years, Baruch has been known among colleges and universities in the New York metropolitan area as a top urban commuter school that serves an intelligent, hard working, highly motivated “sons and daughters-of-immigrants” student body. These are men and women who, though they differ in culture, heritage, and tradition, all share the deep desire to better themselves and advance in life, making them all part of the same generation, “Generation Baruch.”

For the past two years, Baruch’s Office of Communications and Marketing has articulated this unique positioning in internal and external communications and advertising themed “The American Dream Still Works.” Now we are continuing the “American Dream” theme under the banner of “Generation Baruch” as part of a long-term communications and marketing program. Initially, it is aimed primarily at Baruch alumni, with two goals in mind: to engage and reengage them in the life of the College, and to increase the percentage of alumni who give.

The campaign launched this Wednesday, May 25, with a large advertisement in the New York Times; other versions appeared in the Wall Street Journal and the Daily News. An additional placement is scheduled for Crain’s New York Business the week of June 6. You can view a larger version of the advertisement by clicking on the graphic.

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