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Baruch College Rededicates the
Lawrence N. Field Center for Entrepreneurship
and Small Business, and Awards Planet Java's Larry Trachtenbroit as "Entrepreneur of the Year"

On Friday, March 22, Los Angeles real-estate developer and entrepreneur Lawrence N Field, a 1952 alumnus of Baruch College, joins with Baruch President Ned Regan and other honored guests to rededicate Baruch's Field Center for Entrepreneurship and Small Business and to award new-generation entrepreneur Larry Trachtenbroit of Planet Java as the Field Center's "Entrepreneur of the Year."

The Field Center
The Lawrence N. Field Center for Entrepreneurship and Small Business was established in 1993, to provide educational programs, a networking environment, and consulting help for small and start-up businesses. Since that time, thousands of small businesses and start-ups have benefited from the Center's services, which include non-credit-bearing courses and technical support and assistance in such areas as developing business and marketing plans; evaluating and selecting funding alternatives, accounting systems, and technology; supervising employees; and studying the implications of business decisions.

Over the years, the Center's reach and mission have grown. Since September 11, it has expanded its longstanding relationship with New York State's Small Business Administration to provide counseling, training, and referral services to the many hundreds of small businesses displaced or disrupted by the devastation of the NYC downtown area.

" One of the reasons for establishing the Field Center at Baruch," Mr. Field said, "is that Baruch helped me to become a successful person and real estate developer. This is my way of helping this generation of students, many of whom are first-generation Americans, just as when I went to the school. Baruch has a tradition going back many decades in supporting and training small businessmen and entrepreneurs."

Long time faculty member and recently-named director to the Center, Professor Al Puryear, said, "This is an enormously distinguished and ambitious program, and one of the jewels of Baruch College. In an institution devoted to the success of corporate and civic New York, the Field Center has been emblematic."

The Field Center is ranked 30th in the nation among such programs, according to Success Magazine.

Lawrence N. Field
Mr. Field has more than three decades of experience in the real estate development business, both in New York City and Southern California. Since 1968 he has been involved in the acquisition and development of more than $600 million of real estate in Southern California for his own account through NSB Associates and the Richlar Partnership.

"Entrepreneur of the Year" Larry Trachtenbroit
At a dinner following the rededication, entrepreneur Larry Trachtenbroit is honored as "Entrepreneur of the Year." In 1993, when Trachtenbroit opened a coffee bar in the rear of his one-hour photo store in Hampton Bays, Long Island, he embarked on a remarkable career that saw him grow the business in a remarkably short period of time. He quickly associated with Baruch alumnus Herb Dallis ('52) and Mort Weinstein ('52) of Dallis Brothers Coffee of Ozone Park, NY, a family business founded in 1913.

Trachtenbroit eventually expanded into supplying fast-food franchises, using Dallis Brothers as exclusive roasters for his coffee. With that foundation, he began producing a cold coffee to compete in the retail market with Frappacino, developed and owned by Starbucks and bottled and distributed by Pepsi Cola. He called the new product Planet Java and, with partners from Dallis Brothers, began producing the coffee. Within only a year of that launch, he sold the business to Coca Cola Co.: an almost unheard of success for a small business in such a short time. According to Herb Dallis, who recently retired as chairman of the board of Dallis Brothers, "Larry is very forward thinking; his idea was to upgrade, to give people better-quality coffee than they were used to."

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