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Baruch College to Host First Annual Equity Trading Seminar for MBA Students

January 11, 2007 – New York, NY—Baruch College will host the First Annual Equity Trading Seminar for MBA Students on Friday, February 9, 2007, from 8:15am-6:30pm, at the College’s Subotnick Center’s Wasserman Trading Floor located at 151 East 25th Street.

Organized by the Graduate Student Assembly and sponsored by the NYSE Foundation, the seminar will bring together roughly 50 MBA students from around the country to discuss trading, market making and exchanges.  Despite their importance to the financial services industry, these topics typically receive scant classroom attention in MBA programs.  The seminar will use discussion and computer simulation to provide MBA students with a broad understanding of the operations of equity markets, and an in depth knowledge of liquidity, market structure and trading that will enable them to operate more effectively as industry professionals and/or to be better informed retail customers.  Throughout most of the seminar an interactive networked computer simulation called TraderEx that illustrates various market structures and gives hands on experience with trading will be used. The simulation enables participants to enter orders into a computer-driven market that generates order flow and responds directly to participants’ orders.  Participants see their results in real-time, and can analyze their decisions after a simulation run.

Robert A Schwartz, the Marvin M. Speiser Professor of Finance and University Distinguished Professor of Finance at Baruch’s Zicklin School of Business, and Richard Holowczak, an Associate Professor of Computer Information Systems and Director of the College’s Bert W. and Sandra Wasserman Trading Floor and Subotnick Financial Services Center helped organize the inaugural event and will provide instruction during the seminar, along with Gregory Sipress of TraderEx. 

Registration - The registration fee is $150.  To register, email with your name, name of school, email address, and phone and fax numbers.  

Hotel - We have arranged group rates with the following hotel.  Please call Kerry Bennett at the hotel (212) 651-3825 to reserve a room.  Be sure to mention the group name Baruch College, to make a reservation at the group rate.
8:15 Greetings  
8:30 What Drives Trading?  (Schwartz)
9:00 Order Entry in a Limit Order Book Market (Schwartz & Sipress)
10:00 Coffee Break  
10:30 Order Entry with Call and Continuous Trading (Schwartz & Sipress)
12:30 Lunch (Room 14-250)  
1:30 Algorithmic Trading (Holowczak)
2:30 Intermediated Markets & Block Trading (Holowczak and Schwartz)
3:30 Coffee Break  
4:00 Networked Simulation with Block Trading (Schwartz and Sipress)
5:30 Open Discussion of Trading (Holowczak, Schwartz and Sipress)
6:30 Dinner Hosted by the Graduate Student Assembly

Contact: Hamlin Au, President, Graduate Student Assembly,

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