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BARUCH COLLEGE, NEW YORK, NY What do tomorrows auditors, accountants, financiers and managers think of the Enron scandal so far?

Were asking the question of them, said Baruch President Ned Regan today. This is the most recent in a progressive series of excessive earnings management stories that will likely change the landscape of business in the future, the whole realm of financial practices, auditing, and oversight. Well be there to discuss the facts with the students, but the interesting question for us, as the largest business school in the United States, looking at this seminal event is what do tomorrows business executives and auditors and controllers think of all this?

At the suggestion of Baruch College Fund chairman Lawrence Zicklin, Baruch will bring five experts on the growing Enron story together to lead a forum with Baruch College business majors and graduate students on Tuesday, February 5 at Baruch Colleges Mason Hall. More than 300 students from undergraduate accounting, finance, and management, along with students from the honors MBA program, will gather with the experts for a panel discussion and extended question-and-answer period beginning at 2:30 p.m. at Mason Hall, located on the first floor of Baruchs historic 17 Lexington Avenue academic building.

The event is convened and hosted by Baruch President Ned Regan, who is former comptroller of the State of New York and was a long time member of the Financial Accounting Foundation, which oversees FASB leadership, and Baruch College Fund Chairman Lawrence Zicklin, president of the United Jewish Appeal and formerly a managing partner of Newburger Berman.

The panelists will include:

Douglas Carmichael, professor of accounting at Baruch College and nationally-noted expert on ethical auditing and accounting practices.

Norman Strauss, formerly a partner at Ernst & Young and currently Executive-Professor-in-Residence in accounting at Baruch College as well as a member of several important FASB subcommittees.

Phil Livingston, executive director of the Financial Executives International.

Robert Herz, a member of the International Accoutning Standards Board and also a member of the board of directors of PriceWaterhouseCoopers.

Contact: Vince Passaro 212-802-2916 or Zane Berzins 212-802-2880

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