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Candidates, Issues, Campaigns

Election politics, polls and polling, Presidential debates, leadership issues, religion and politics

Birdsell, David
Prof. of Public Affairs

Presidential debates and their impact on the electoral process; campaign rhetoric and images.   Perceptions of leadership in Bush and Kerry.   The Internet and the Web and their use in the presidential campaign.   Birdsell is the author of  Presidential Debates.

DeMaio, Gerald
Assoc. Prof. of Political Science

The Christian right in U.S. politics; traditional Conservatism and how it has morphed in the past decade; the Culture Wars. DeMaio (with Prof. Louis Bolce) is the author of an influential article on the secularization of the Democratic Party.

Muzzio, Douglas
Prof. of Public Affairs

Polling and political analysis. The impact of the polls on the democratic process, including voting behavior.   The Hispanic vote in 2004.   Muzzio has conducted and interpreted polls in primaries and presidential campaigns for ABC-TV and the Roper Organization, among others.

American economy, job creation, wealth, international trade, Federal budget

Martell, Terrence
Saxe Distinguished Prof. of Finance

Job creation and job loss in the global economy. Outsourcing and its impact on American workers. Economic growth, productivity gains, and the uneven distribution of wealth. International trade, China, and the future of U.S. manufacturing.

O'Neill, June
Prof. of Economics

The federal budget, tax policies, and the economy.   Deficit spending and domestic discretionary spending,.   Welfare policies and their impact on family structure.   The future of Social Security.   Health insurance in the workplace: who bears the burden?   O'Neill is a former head of the Congressional Budget Office.

Middle East history and policy, Israel, Iran, Iraq, Islam

Abrahamian, Ervand (Jed)
CUNY Distinguished Prof. of History

The U.S. and the Islamic world. Operation Iraqi Freedom and its political and diplomatic aftermath.   Iran:   the next diplomatic/military crisis? Abrahamian is a specialist on the Mideast and Islamic fundamentalism as a religious and political movement.

Cohen, Mitchell
Prof. of Political Science

Israeli-Palestinian conflict: possible resolutions, source of Arab hostility toward the West. Prof. Cohen is the long time editor of the influential journal, Dissent.

Executive branch, presidential authority, Supreme Court, the presidency and international affairs

Halper, Thomas
Prof. of Political Science

Presidential authority from George Washington to George W. Bush;. the Executive Branch and the Supreme Court; presidential/judicial conflicts; unilateral and multilateral foreign policies in the 20 th and 21 st centuries. The U.S. President in the international community.

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