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Baruch Professor Dahlia Remler’s Article Ranked Among Top 25 in 2006 by Health Journal

January 9, 2007 – New York, NY—An article co-authored by Baruch School of Public Affair’s Associate Professor of Health Policy Dahlia Remler appears on Health Affairs’ top 25 list of most read articles on-line for 2006. Health Affairs is the top journal in the health policy arena.

How Much More Cost Sharing Will Health Savings Accounts Bring?

Dahlia K. Remler and Sherry A. Glied

Health Affairs 25, no. 4 (July/August 2006)


Proponents of health savings accounts (HSAs) contend that they will reduce medical expenditures. In practice, however, the effect of HSAs, and the high-deductible health plans that must accompany them, will depend on the actual provisions of those plans and of the plans they replace. We show that typical plans in the market today already contain substantial cost sharing. We find that many HSA/high-deductible arrangements would actually reduce cost sharing for many groups. In particular, the group responsible for half of all medical spending would see no change or a decline in cost sharing at the margin and on average. Read the full text of the article.


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