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Baruch College, Credit Suisse Team Up to Teach Students the Ins and Outs of “The Street”

New York, NY - May 18, 2006—Baruch College’s Wasserman Trading Floor/Subotnick Center will host 35 college sophomores as part of the Credit Suisse Wall Street Immersion Program on May 31. The students will be introduced to the functions of a stock market and trading by Richard Holowczak, director of the Wasserman Trading Floor / Subotnick Center.

The Credit Suisse Wall Street Immersion Program offers outstanding undergraduate sophomores the opportunity to explore the investment banking division of Credit Suisse through a four-day visit.  The visit provides exposure to investment banking, equity, fixed income, information technology, and shared services. Students are selected based on their academic excellence, leadership abilities, and interest in the financial services industry.

Using a trading simulation in which the students trade among themselves, each participant will be allocated some cash and shares of a stock and then asked to trade. In this type of simulation, the students form the market and set the "correct" price by signaling each other with their bids and offers through the market place. Students will have enough time to do two "full" runs of the simulation with breaks to discuss the trading performance.

The Subotnick Center
The only business school resource of its kind in New York and one of a handful of comparable facilities at top educational institutions nationwide, the Subotnick Center is the centerpiece of the Bert W. and Sandra Wasserman Trading Floor, a fully equipped, simulated trading environment featuring 42 high-end networked computer workstations, continuous live data feeds, real-time market quotes, and computerized trading models. Actual market technology is used to teach students about markets and financial services-valuable experience for graduates seeking leading positions in the financial, banking, or accounting services industries. The Center also features a 60-seat seminar room and a 25-seat development lab.

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Contact: Associate Professor, Computer Information Systems Richard Holowczak, Ph.D., (646) 312-1544,

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