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Mayor Bloomberg Appoints Baruch Sociology Professor to Temporary Commission on Day Laborer Job Centers

Group Seeks to Implement Safety Protocols for Unregulated Workers

 New York, NY - June 16, 2006—Mayor Bloomberg has appointed Dr. Hector Cordero-Guzman, associate professor of sociology and chair of Baruch’s Department of Black and Hispanic Studies, to the Temporary Commission on Day Laborer Job Centers. Dr. Cordero-Guzman has long been a proponent of organized job centers where employers and workers can meet.

The Commission will examine the development of public/private partnerships to create job centers for day laborers in New York City.  An estimated 15,000 day laborers live and work in New York State, including between 5,800 and 8,300 in the New York City area, the vast majority whom are believed to be immigrants. A rising number of day laborer fatalities in recent years have spurred the need for safety standards for this growing class of immigrant workers who are frequently subjected to hazardous working conditions and violations of wage and hour laws.

“Commissioner Linares and I are deeply grateful to Dr. Cordero-Guzman for joining this effort to study the need for and development of day laborer job centers,” said Mayor Bloomberg.

Dr. Cordero-Guzman’s research played a prominent role in the first meeting of the Commission earlier this week. Throughout his career, Dr. Cordero-Guzman has taught graduate courses in statistics and social science research methods; urban demographic, economic, and fiscal change; non-profit management; race and ethnicity; and migration policy. Currently, Dr. Cordero-Guzman is completing a manuscript analyzing the role of community based organizations (CBOs) in the socio-politic-economic adaptation and incorporation of immigrants.

“For many immigrant workers and their families, this is a life and death issue and I am glad to be able to do something concrete to improve the quality of life in our city,” Dr. Cordero-Guzman noted. “My participation on the Commission is an important opportunity to serve the mayor, my city, and its hard-working immigrants.”

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