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Kathleen Hall Jamieson Inaugurates New Claire Mason Women of Distinction Lecture Series at Baruch College

Photo - Kathleen Hall Jamieson delivers the first annual Claire Mason Women of Distinction lecture on October 30

Professor Kathleen Hall Jamieson's lecture discuesses the differences in the public's perceptions of male and female political candidates.

New York, NY - Oct. 24, 2008 - Kathleen Hall Jamieson, a leading authority on political discourse in America, will deliver the first annual Claire Mason Women of Distinction Lecture on Thursday, Oct. 30, 2008, at Baruch College. Provocatively titled "She Cackles, He Laughs," Jamieson’s lecture will contrast how male and female public speakers are portrayed by the media and how these portrayals influence public perception of women as leaders and candidates for political office.

The Jamieson lecture takes place at 1 pm at Baruch College’s Newman Vertical Campus, 55 Lexington Avenue (at 24th Street), in Room 14-220. The event is free and open to the public.

Kathleen Hall Jamieson, a frequent guest on Bill Moyers Journal throughout the current political season, is the Elizabeth Ware Packard Professor of Communication in the Annenberg School for Communication at the University of Pennsylvania. She is the author, co-author and editor of 15 books, including, most recently, Presidents Creating the Presidency and Echo Chamber: Rush Limbaugh and the Conservative Media Establishment. Dr. Jamieson is a member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences and the American Philosophical Society.

Claire Mason, along with her husband Eli, graduated in the class of 1940 from what was then the School of Business and Civic Administration at the City College of New York. A longtime member of the New York section of the National Council of Jewish Women (NCJW), Claire compiled the document "One Hundred Years of Making a Difference: A Second Century of Promises to Keep." She was also the recipient of the coveted Hannah G. Solomon Award, named for NCJW’s founder and awarded for a record of dedicated and meaningful service.

Generous donors to Baruch College, Claire and Eli Mason provided the funds to refurbish Baruch’s largest auditorium, located at 17 Lexington Avenue and now named Mason Hall. The annual Claire Mason Women of Distinction Lecture will rotate to feature prominent women in the arts and sciences, women in public service, and women in business.


Zane Berzins
News Director




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