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Warren Buffett Invites 8 Baruch Students to Berkshire Hathaway Shareholders' Meeting

New York, NY – April 30, 2007—Eight Baruch College undergraduates will attend the annual shareholders’ meeting of Berkshire Hathaway Inc. at the invitation of legendary value investor and company CEO Warren Buffett. The meeting will be held at the company’s headquarters in Omaha, Nebraska during the first weekend of May.

The students are members of the Portfolio Management Club, started two semesters ago by Luis Romero, a junior finance major in Baruch’s Zicklin School of Business. Romero and club member Ari Jahja developed a template for research reports, many of which have appeared in The Ticker. In February, club Vice President Gil Bouhana and club member Franklin Cho sent Buffett a letter asking if he had some time to spend talking to the group, along with copies of several of the club’s reports. The members were thrilled to receive an invitation to the annual meeting in response to their request, in addition to the promise of a personal meeting with Mr. Buffett.

The eight members of the Baruch Portfolio Management Club are:

  • Louis Romero, President and a junior who will join a Credit Suisse summer training program for investment banking.
  • Gil Bouhana, Vice President and a junior who has been admitted to the Sponsors for Educational Opportunity Sales and Trading Program at UBS.
  • Rongbiao Fu is a junior in Baruch’s Wall Street Careers Program.
  • Ari Jahja is a junior who will be joining a Credit Suisse summer training program for research analysts.
  • Franklin Cho is a sophomore in the CUNY Honors Program.
  • Christian Lemp is a sophomore who will intern at a private equity firm this summer.
  • Eddie Dufroesne is a freshman who will be participating in a trading program with the Bank of New York this summer.
  • Lennie Ramsroeple is a freshman in the CUNY Honors Program.

“I was so delighted to learn of this student venture, and the College is pleased to provide the students with the financial support they need to make the trip to Nebraska,” said Baruch College President Kathleen Waldron.  “The personal initiative shown in contacting Mr. Buffett speaks volumes about the caliber of students enrolled at Baruch.” 

The total cost of the four-day trip for the eight members is $5,600, all of which is being covered by the Baruch community. Bill Abrams, a member of The Baruch College Fund Board of Trustees, has graciously agreed to donate $1,000 to the Baruch College Fund for the trip, with $3,000 coming from the President's Office. Zicklin School of Business Dean John Elliott generously contributed $800 from his office, and the College’s Starr Career Development Center has given the club $800 for the trip as well.

The students will share this experience of a lifetime with the Baruch community: the club plans to publish a report on the trip in the newsletter put out by Dean Elliott's office, which they will also submit to The Ticker.

Contact: Gil Bouhana, Vice President, Portfolio Management Club, (646) 852-4834, or Lara Moon, Communications & Marketing, (646) 660-6093.

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