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Baruch Faculty Receive Louis Brownlow Memorial Award

-- Gregg Van Ryzin, Douglas Muzzio, Stephen Immerwahr honored with prestigious public administration award --

Kudos to Baruch faculty members Gregg Van Ryzin, Douglas Muzzio, and Stephen Immerwahr, who were recently honored with the Louis Brownlow Memorial Award bestowed by the American Society for Public Administration. The authors won for an article in the Public Administration Review for Best Article by a Practitioner. The prestigious prize was awarded for “Drivers and Consequences of Citizen Satisfaction:  An Application of the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) Model to New York City” (May 2004, Volume 64, Issue 3), also co-authored by Eve Martinez and Lisa Gulick. The article analyzed the results of a 2,000-person sample survey of New Yorkers who were queried on “everything from potholes to public schools, library usage and subway service,” according to co-author Muzzio.  The survey, conducted during 2000 and 2001, was supported by the Citizens Union and the School of Public Affairs and used the well-known ACSI to gauge New Yorkers’ overall satisfaction with local government services. This research marked the first time the ACSI, commonly applied to the private sector and the federal government, was applied in the context of local government—i.e., New York City.  The authors concluded, that while responses to specific services varied across income, race, and geography, overall satisfaction for all groups drives both trust in local government officials and intentions to move out of the city.  While the authors received notification of the award some time ago, the formal announcement appeared just recently in the July 2005 issue of the Public Administration Review.  For a closer look, check the PAR website:


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News Director







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