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Baruch Student Wins Fourth Place in National Design Competition

image - Concept logo for the 2016 Olympics in Rome designed by Baruch student Branko Ristic

Image - Concept postage stamp for 2016 Olympic Games in Rome

Branko's concept logo, stamp, and poster design won fourth place in the recent Creative Quarterly student design competition.

New York, NY--September 20--The last time that Baruch senior Branko Ristic (’07) won something big, he received a United States permanent resident permit that allowed him to emigrate from his birth country of Serbia to New York six years ago with what he describes as “only a bagel-and-coffee level of English.” This month, Branko added a new and, for him, equally thrilling accolade to his list of wins—fourth-place position in Creative Quarterly’s national Ninth Quarterly Graphic Design student competition.

“This is my last semester, so I’m really happy to have been able to participate,” said Branko, a married father who took classes at Baruch while maintaining a full-time job.

The Creative Quarterly competition garners submissions from graphic design students at some of the nation’s most prestigious art and design schools. Branko based his winning entry on a conceptualized advertising campaign for the city of Rome as the host of the 2016 Olympics. He produced an iconic poster, two postage stamps, and a logo for the event. The designs combine the bright colors of Olympic medallion ribbons with the iconic image of the Coliseum, where ancient gladiatorial battles and athletic contests drew thousands of cheering Roman spectators.

Branko—who studied medicine and forestry and even flirted with a stint in film school while living in Serbia—says that he found his passion for graphic design at Baruch after taking a class with Professor Berkowitz of the Weissman School’s Department of Fine and Performing Arts. “Prof. Berkowitz was really helpful—she was my mentor on the project,” added Branko. She sent an e-mail to the whole class, but also personally encouraging to me.”

He also credits her with helping him realize the different career opportunities that were available in the business communications industry. “I really like the educational concept at Baruch—the classes combine marketing and design, (so) theoretically, you will be a machine for selling products. I like that branding and corporate identity aspect.”

Branko would like to work in logo development and packaging design after graduation, but he says he is open to all possibilities. “In my country, design was not considered a geat career option. (But at Baruch), I thought ‘why not risk doing what I actually want to do?”

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