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SPA Professors David Birdsell and Douglas Muzzio, As Well As Others, Are Frequent Media Commentators on Election '04

With the 2004 campaign in high gear and many analysts believing that the series of presidential debates now upon us could be a decisive factor in a close election, Baruch Professors of Publc Affairs David Birdsell and Douglas Muzzio have been working overtime.  

Professor Birdsell's expertise on debates, political rhetoric, and campaign styles has most recently been tapped by NPR, WINS radio, the CNN Network with Judy Woodruff and Adam Clymer, and
New York 1 News, among other venues.

In addition to Prof. David Birdsell, Prof. Doug Muzzio has been a tireless analyst.   Besides his regular appearances on WABC-TV, Ch. 7, Muzzio has most recently been sought out by Newsday on Friday, Oct. 1 and in Clyde Haberman's column in the New York Times on Tuesday, Oct. 5, reflecting on the no-contest New York senate race. Other Baruch faculty weighing in include Prof. Eric Gander (Communication Studies) on New York 1 News, previewing the Bush-Kerry debate on Sept. 30th, and Prof. Hector Cordero-Guzman (Black and Hispanic Studies) discussing the square-off between VP candidates on Spanish-language Ch. 47.

For more information, call Zane Berzins, News Director, at (212) 802-2881.  And see the full list of Baruch faculty experts available for comment on the elections.

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