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Baruch Student, Yankee Bat Boy Jeffrey Epstein
Dons Uniform for Start of New Season

Photo - Jeffrey Epstein is a marketing major at Baruch and a ball boy at Yankee Stadium
Jeffrey Epstein, a marketing major at Baruch, also works as a bat boy for the New York Yankees.

New York, NY – March 27, 2008 – “There’s nothing bad about it. It’s definitely something I would do for free,” says Jeffrey Epstein ('09), bat boy for the New York Yankees. When Alex and Derek and Jorge suit up, so does he. When the players hit the food buffet, so does Jeffrey. And he’s paid to do it! Jeffrey, who has held his wildly coveted job for a year now, says the bat boys even get to travel with the team when their schedule permits.

Twenty-one years old and a transfer from Nassau Community College, Jeffrey Epstein is the son of a New York Mets security guard. Despite the heated rivalry between the Mets and Yankees, his father’s foothold in baseball helped Jeffrey get the job. On his very first day, he arrived early and found himself eating breakfast with the players, “What am I doing here eating breakfast with Mariano Rivera and Bobby Abreu?” he wondered. He still can’t quite believe the easy camaraderie of the clubhouse.

The job itself, Jeffrey admits, is physically grueling. His favorite part is giving away foul balls to the kids. “They get so excited. They ask for my autograph,” he says. Not so surprisingly, Jeffrey, a marketing major, would like to make sports marketing his future career.

Jeffrey’s life is hectic, no question about it. He drives his car from New Hyde Park, where he lives, to the Bronx. He takes the #4 train from Yankee Stadium to Grand Central, then the #6 train to Baruch College—then reverses it to go home. When he can find the time, he also works in a pizzeria on Long Island.

This season, Jeffrey thinks “is going to be a big one, because of the new manager.” He is especially looking forward to the All-Star game. It will be played in Yankee Stadium--it’s the old ballpark’s last year--something that happens only once every 20 or 30 years.

Next time the Yankees are on television, look for the Baruch bat boy.

Zane Berzins
News Director

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