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Baruch’s AIESEC Community Wins Awards for Work Abroad Efforts

New York, NY – March 14, 2007— Baruch College’s local community of AIESEC, the international, student-run nonprofit group, won four of the organization’s awards for 2006, including AIESEC’s highest award, the Leading Edge Award.

AIESEC, the internationally renowned, student-run internship and exchange program, has been one of the many student organizations that make up Baruch’s student life since 2001. The College’s community, affiliated with the Weissman Center for International Business, is a group of business students who can work abroad while developing management, problem solving, communication and interpersonal skills and most importantly, leadership skills.

Baruch’s local community won awards for both its exchange placements, in 2006 Aiesec US number of matches went down, while Aiesec Baruch increased its matches, as well as its events and activity planning.

  •  The Leading Edge Award: The organization’s highest award, it is given to only one local community that is on the cutting edge in all functions of AIESEC.

  •  Most Members Going Abroad Award:  One of three winners of this award, Aiesec Baruch increases its number of matches each year, but this year was the biggest yet: In 2006, Baruch students were matched with internships ranging from 2 months to a year an a half, with 17 international traineeships. Host countries included: The Netherlands, Mexico, Pakistan, China, Bulgaria, Turkey, Tunisia, Egypt, and Sweden, with internship opportunities at companies as PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Electrolux, AIG Real Estate, and Diario El Mundo.

  •  Ensuring Impact Opportunities Award: Aiesec Baruch won this award for its events and activities planning. Many social events, such as cultural preparation and integration sessions for exchange participants, welcome parties and events where foreign students get the chance to socialize and create long time friendships are part of the exchange of ideas and best practices. Global Village was the most impactful event of the year, getting together more than 400 Baruch students that learned even more about the incredible diversity of our College.

  •  Sustainability Growing the Local Community Award: This award reflects the level of the involvement of the members of the Aiesec Baruch, and was given for the large variety of activities that the members organized for new Baruch students to get involved with AIESEC.

Present in over 800 universities in 97 countries, AIESEC has 22,500 members and places over 4,000 students and graduates in internships around the world.

 Lara Moon
Communications & Marketing
(646) 660-6093



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