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Abortion Study by Baruch Professor Creates Media Blitz

Prof. Ted Joyce is interviewed by ABC news
Professor Ted Joyce interviewed by ABC's "World News Tonight"
Photo by Robert Benimoff

When on Wednesday, March 8, the prestigious New England Journal of Medicine published “Changes in Abortions and Births and the Texas Parental Notification Law,” lead author and researcher Ted Joyce was hit with an avalanche of press calls. By day two, Joyce, a professor of economics at the Zicklin School of Business and academic director of the Baruch/Mt. Sinai MBA in Health Care Administration, had been cited in some 226 publications. Among the news organizations rushing to cover this story: Reuters, Associated Press, and ABC’s “World News Tonight”—to say nothing of every news outlet in the state of Texas.

The Texas study showed that parental notification laws did indeed have an effect: they lead to a decline in the procedure among teens, especially 15- and 16-year-olds. But researchers were also able to show a spike in second trimester terminations, as young women seeking to bypass the laws put off their procedures until after their 18th birthday. That, says Joyce, has disturbing public health implications. As the “right-to-life” battle intensifies, the Texas data will continue to loom large on both sides of the controversy. Stay Tuned.


Zane Berzins


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