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Study Abroad Fair Brings World of Opportunity to Baruch

Much of the world managed to fit inside Room 14-250 of the Newman Vertical Campus on Thursday, September 22, 2005. The Study Abroad Fair, with panoramic views of Manhattan’s skyline in the background, appropriately invited students to broaden their horizons.

Baruch College, together with representatives from many CUNY and SUNY schools and other institutions, provided students with a wide variety of programs in Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, and the Americas. Groups of students made excursions from booth to booth, excitedly moving between Italy and India, Ecuador and Egypt, Spain and Sweden.

Many students who had already been on one of the programs were eager to share their experiences: “It was the best!” said David Yi, who spent this past summer in Salamanca, Spain. “I took elementary Spanish in the morning, and then was free to do what I wanted in the afternoon. On weekends we could travel a lot.”

In today’s global economy, studying abroad will benefit a student’s professional as well as personal life. “The ability to move easily between and within cultures is a skill that is increasingly prized in all sorts of careers,” said Dr. Richard Mitten, the Study Abroad Director. “For many, studying abroad is an experience that truly alters their lives."

Some students planned to study abroad to earn credit toward their major. Others saw it as the perfect elective to finish their degree: “I’m graduating this year,” said one senior in the Zicklin School of Business. “I just need a few more credits. Why not get them in another country with other Baruch students?”

Whether for a winter intersession, summer session, semester, or entire academic year, it looked like many Baruch students were going places.

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