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STUDENT SPOTLIGHT: Stacey Korolkova ‘09

Stacy KorolkovaProfessor Ted Henken wasn’t surprised that Stacey Korolkova’s honors thesis on Mexican migrants in New York was judged the best senior thesis produced this year by a Macaulay Honors student in all of CUNY. “She’s superb,” said Henken, who acted as her adviser on the capstone paper titled “The American Dream and the Mexican Reality: Exploring the Lives of Young Undocumented Mexican Migrants in New York.” The 101-page thesis was based on both written and oral sources. To research it, Stacey sought out the Restaurant Opportunity Center, a workers' rights group (many undocumented Mexicans work New York’s restaurants) and MexEdNYC, an organization that promotes educational opportunities for young Mexican migrants. She also interviewed Baruch faculty members Professors Robert Courtney Smith, Alan Wernick, and Isolina Ballesteros, all authorities on the plight of undocumented Latino New Yorkers.

Stacey was honored for her award-winning thesis at the recent Macaulay Honors College graduation. She describes the paper as “the culmination of my whole college career.” Come September, Stacey, an ad hoc international relations major in the Weissman School of Arts and Sciences, begins a nine-month internship as a New York City Urban Fellow. Once that’s completed, she’s thinking about the Peace Corps and, eventually, an MBA or a PhD. Just 21 years old, Stacey Korolkova was born in the Ukraine and lives with her family in Bath Beach, Brooklyn. She describes her academic experience at Baruch College as a Macaulay Honors Scholar as “wonderful.”

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