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Six Staff Members Presented with Baruch College Excellence Awards

129 Employees Also Recognized for Years of Service

Group Shot 2014 Staff Member Excellence Awards

(Clockwise): Barbara Strauch, Information Technology Technical Manager (BCTC); Christian Keck, Deputy CIO (BCTC); Claudye James, CUNY Office Assistant (English); Keri Bertino, Director of the Writing Center; Jacqueline “J.” McLoughlin, Director of the Executives on Campus   Program (College Advancement); and Pragna “Gina” Parmar, Administrative Assistant (English).


NEW YORK, NY- April 30, 2014 – Baruch College employees were recently recognized for their hard work and years of dedication to the College and presented with Baruch College Excellence Awards.

During a ceremony on April 29, Baruch President Mitchel B. Wallerstein and members of Baruch’s administration recognized 129 staff members, who have served from 10 to 50 years at the College. Click here to see the full list.

At the same ceremony, six employees (above) received the Baruch College Excellence Awards which were restructured to align more closely with the College's Strategic Plan and our ongoing commitment to Institutional Effectiveness. All full-time, non-faculty employees with at least three years of service as of March 31, 2014, were eligible for this award. Any member of the Baruch community was invited to submit a nomination.


Leadership Award

Jacqueline McLoughlinJacqueline “J.” McLoughlin, Director of the Executives on Campus   Program (College Advancement) received the Leadership Award. The recipient of the 2014 Baruch College Excellence Award for Leadership is one who: inspires change or productivity in others; gets others focused on solutions; works effectively across departments and organizations; and exhibits a willingness to take on any responsibility necessary to achieve success. J. has worked at Baruch College for over three years.

Nomination Remarks: "J. has fostered strong relationships with alumni recognizing their importance as future leaders of a program that relies heavily on graduates who what to give back to their alma mater. J. finds most rewarding, connecting a student to an executive mentor, noting that a “simple conversation [with a mentor] can change a student’s life."

"As Director of  Executives on Campus. She has successfully developed partnerships across all three schools, collaborating with various departments to implement a strong successful campus mentorship program that is now emulated by other schools.  The program has grown exponentially under her leadership."

Innovation/Sustainabilty Award

Christian Keck Christian Keck, Deputy CIO (BCTC) received the Innovation/Sustainability Award. The recipient of the 2014 Baruch College Excellence Award for Innovation and Sustainability is one who: is seldom satisfied with the current state. Constantly asking “how can we do this better?;” frequently considers non-traditional approaches; regularly evaluates situations to identify opportunities for change; and regularly identifies problems but focuses on potential solutions. Christian has worked at Baruch College for 9 years. During his tenure at Baruch he has helped to guide the advancement of technology across the Baruch College campus.

Nomination Remarks: Most recently, Christian has served as the project manager for the College’s transition to CUNYfirst. He has proficiently spearheaded a challenging task, implementing a complicated system that will have a profound effect on how we do business as a College.

"Despite the obstacles encountered, Christian has lead with vision and composure. He enjoys the opportunity to collaborate across campus with various colleagues and ultimately being a family, supporting one another and working together to bring about progress."

Excellence Award

Barbara Strauch Barbara Strauch, Information Technology Technical Manager (BCTC) received the Excellence Award. The recipient of the 2014 Baruch College Excellence Award for Performance Excellence is one who: sees the bigger picture – the connection and inter-relation of people, processes, and technology; possesses both initiative and the ability to follow through; exhibits a willingness to take on any responsibility necessary to achieve success; and persists despite obstacles and challenges. Barbara has worked at Baruch College for thirty-six years.

Nomination Remarks: As an Information Technology Technical Manager, Barbara has worked tirelessly to maintain the legacy mainframe and has played an integral role in transitioning the College from the utilization of BOSS to CUNYfirst.

"Throughout her efforts over the years, she has supported the Office of Admissions and the Registrar and most recently through the challenging system conversion.With the transition to CUNYfirst, Barbara has taken on a completely new and different set of responsibilities. She enjoys the fact that things change constantly in the technological world and likes to learn new things and take on new challenges."

Service to the Baruch Community Award

Keri BertinoKeri Bertino, Director of the Writing Center, received the Service to the Baruch Community Award. The recipient of the 2014 Baruch College Excellence Award for Service to the Community is one who: has a positive impact on others in the Baruch Community; offers service above and beyond his or her formally defined job in to order meet the needs of others; demonstrates a true concern for humankind by offering his or her time and talents and produces concrete and tangible outcomes; and demonstrates service above and beyond simple involvement. Keri has worked at Baruch College for almost 6 years.

Nomination Remarks: Under her leadership, the Writing Center has broadened its outreach to, and support of the student body, while developing and employing assessment protocols to better serve our students. Additionally, Keri has led faculty development workshops on infusing writing across curriculums. As an advocate for professional development and institutional effectiveness, she adeptly co-chairs the Management Cross-Border team and has been instrumental in the creation of the Baruch Manager’s Forum.

"Keri enjoys working with the community of engaged and creative faculty, staff and students at Baruch College and is invested in helping individuals recognize and build on their strengths and resources, as well as creating and developing new programs to do such."

Team Award for Collaboration

GinaandClaudyePragna “Gina” Parmar, Administrative Assistant (English) and Claudye James, CUNY Office Assistant (English) received the Team Award for Collaboration. The recipient of the 2014 Baruch College Excellence Award for Collaboration is one who: encourages proactive engagement; motivates others to gain consensus in problem solving or development; encourages participation; and nurtures an inclusive exchange of idea and/or resources.

Nomination Remarks: Gina has worked at Baruch for twenty-five years and Claudye has worked at Baruch for over seven years. Gina and Claudye have worked excellently as a team and have enhanced a culture of collaboration in the English department. Gina and Claudye have maintained the highest of administrative standards in supporting a very large academic department that offers more than 150 sections a term with over 100 adjuncts; serving the faculty and students of the English Department with attention to detail and generosity of spirit.

"They are noted for their outstanding work in supporting six faculty searches within the last two years which involved the handling of over 1000 applications. Gina and Claudye enjoy working with the students and faculty and are particularly grateful for having one another as team mates."

The Baruch College Excellence Awards Selection Committee members were: Monique Brown George, Executive Director of Human Resources; Lisa Edwards, Assistant Vice President of Campus Facilities; Richard Orbe-Austin, Interim Chief Diversity Office; Kenya Lee, Executive Assistant to the President; Michele Epstein, Director of Telecommunications; Raquel De Leon, Office of Human Resources Coordinator for Labor Relations and Training; Patrick Ackerman, Director of Web Services; Cindy Oquendo, Office of Human Resources Administrative Coordinator; Dennis Slavin, Associate Provost; Tisha Alfred, Project Coordinator for Campus Facilities and Operations; Evangelina Ocasio, Associate Director of Professional Programs and Corporate Learning Services.




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