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Dominican Republic President Visits Baruch

An enthusiastic crowd of students, faculty, and well-wishers welcomed President Leonel Fernndez of the Dominican Republic to Baruch on September 19, 2006. The president, a world-renown reformer who is transforming the Dominican Republic into one of Latin America's most technologically advanced societies, spoke about the invaluable contributions of Dominican-American expatriates to both the United States and their country of origin.

One day later, he addressed the 61st General Assembly on the same theme, urging its member countries to reduce barriers to immigration. "In the present modern world of globalization, there is an implicit contradiction in the fact that the free circulation of merchandise, capitals and services is promoted, while rigorous restrictions to the free circulation of manual labor are established," said Fernndez. See video coverage of his visit to Baruch.

photo - President Leonel Fernandez shared his vision of the Dominican Republic as an economic gateway to Latin America.

President Fernndez was born in the Dominican Republic, but spent his childhood in New York City.

photo - President Fernandez has been recognized as a visionary economic and social reformer.

He has earned worldwide recognition as an economic and social reformer for his work in curbing inflation and corruption, and boosting international investment in the island nation.

photo - President Fernandez spoke about the role of Dominican-Americans in developing the Dominican Republic's economy.

Fernndez spoke about the crucial role that expatriates in the United States and Europe play in developing the Dominican Republic's economy. Acknowledging Baruch's standing as the most diverse college in the nation, he encouraged students to be "bilingual and bi-cultural" in order to maximize their career prospects.

photo - President Leonel Fernandez accepts a commemorative vase from members of Baruch's undergraduate student government.

Surrounded by Dominican officials, President Fernndez accepted a gift from members of Baruch's student government.

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Photos by Mario Morgado

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