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Newman Real Estate Institute Examines the Economic, Planning and Development Issues Pertaining to the Brooklyn Waterfront

On October 26, experts including Nicholas Brooke, Chairman of the
Hong Kong Harbourfront Commission, and Seth Pinsky, President of the NYC Economic Development Corporation will speak.

New York, NY, September 27, 2011-- The Brooklyn waterfront is undergoing a rapid transformation, and it is an opportune time during an economic downturn to plan strategically and creatively for its future. Brooklyn needs a resilient urban waterfront, designed with an emphasis on the balance of programmatic uses and the importance of taking an ecologically sensitive approach. However, the future of the Brooklyn waterfront has become a fiercely contested issue as residential developers, commercial firms and recreational users all want access to water frontage. The waterfront must serve the needs of these three sectors; it can be done with careful planning and the creative use of buffer zones between different kinds of usage.

Issues related to these topics and more will be discussed in an original research report to be released on the day of the October 26th conference. ?Both the report and the conference are entitled “The Waterfront ? A Brooklyn Model for Preservation and Change.” The report focuses on the economic and urban planning aspects of the Brooklyn waterfront, as the future of the city’s waterways, our “sixth borough,” is considered.

“The interface of water and the built environment is vital to Brooklyn and, more broadly, the city of New York,” remarked Jack S. Nyman, Director of the Steven L. Newman Real Estate Institute. ?“The intention of both our report and the conference is to promote dialogue and create a better understanding of the issues surrounding the waterfront, each of which is so vital to our city. How we treat this important edge condition can form a precedent of positive change for our unique geography.”

In agreement, Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz commented. “As the transformation of the Brooklyn waterfront moves forward, we must continue to create jobs while balancing the visions and needs of everyone who has a stake in making the waterfront a more accessible economic, residential and recreational powerhouse. ‘The Waterfront?A Brooklyn Model for Preservation and Change’ is bringing together experts and visionaries to address these critical issues, and I am proud that Brooklyn Borough Hall is hosting this conference as we chart the Brooklyn waterfront’s bright and bustling future.”

This morning conference will feature several subject matter experts including Nicholas Brooke, Chairman of the Hong

Kong Harbourfront Commission; Seth Pinsky, President of the NYC Economic Development Corporation; Kenneth

D. Daly, New York President for National Grid; Bonnie Harken, President of Nautilus International Development and a leading consultant for the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey; Regina Myer, President of Brooklyn Bridge Park Corporation; Michael Marrella, Director of Waterfront and Open Space Planning, NYC Department of City Planning; and Carter Craft, Principal of Outside New York and co-founder of the Metropolitan Waterfront Alliance. Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz will open the conference with a keynote speech.? For a full list of panelists, click on the link below.

WHAT: The Waterfront - A Brooklyn Model for Preservation and Change

WHEN: Wednesday, October 26, 2011, 8:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.

WHERE: Brooklyn Borough Hall, 209 Jorelemon Street, Brooklyn, NY 11209

For more information or for press arrangements, please contact: Sara Hilska Taylor at 646-660-6950 or

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