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Baruch Receives Scholarship Support From the National Hispanic Corporate Achievers

National Hispanic Corporate Achievers (NHCA), a non-profit educational foundation, has renewed and increased its financial commitment to Baruch College to support the education of young Hispanic men and women who aspire to positions in the corporate board room.

On June 26, 2007, at a special ceremony at the College, Danny Ramos, president of the NHCA, will present a check reflecting increased scholarship support for Baruch’s students to Donna Haggarty, Baruch’s director of strategic partnerships. “We expect it to grow substantially in the future,” Ramos said of the NHCA’s commitment to Baruch College.

A year ago, Baruch College announced a newly forged alliance with NHCA, whose purpose is to increase the number of Hispanics employed, retained, and advanced in the corporate world.

Recognizing that the first step in the process of augmenting diversity is an outstanding business education, the NHCA decided to partner with Baruch College. According to NHCA President Ramos, Baruch was selected because of “its business focus and high reputation.” Philip Berry, vice president of global diversity at Colgate Palmolive and vice-chairman of the CUNY Board of Trustees, was instrumental in creating the Baruch/NHCA partnership.

Trustee Berry, long a proactive campaigner for greater workplace opportunities and increased diversity in America’s corporations, will also attend the ceremony.

Baruch College President Kathleen Waldron has also spearheaded the effort to promote a more inclusive workforce. “I would like to see the diversity we enjoy at Baruch College extended to our society at large, and particularly to the upper echelons of the corporate world,” Waldron said. “I believe Baruch, by virtue of the outstanding business education it provides, can help make that a reality.”

Contact: Zane Berzins

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