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Baruch Professor Cohen Speaks Internationally
on European and Mideast Politics

Baruch Professor of Political Science Mitchell Cohen has been based in Paris during his sabbatical over the 2005-6 academic year. Professor Cohen has been writing and lecturing extensively—giving Baruch considerable international exposure.


Professor Cohen was one of the featured speakers at an annual conference sponsored by the United States Embassy for teachers of American studies in German high schools. Cohen, whose academic interests range widely from European and Mideast politics to opera, gave a talk entitled “Transnational America: Philosophical Reflections.” The conference took place in Potsdam in collaboration with the American Center in Hamburg. In addition, his article, “A Roasted Cat will Never Make a Hare-Pie: Thoughts on Political Opera,” has just appeared in German translation in Musik und Asthetik.


Cohen spoke at the first Galilee Dialogue on Moral and Political Philosophy sponsored by the Swiss-Isreal Philosophy Society. His provocative subject—“Is There ‘Unjust Peace’ and Does it Require Humanitarian Intervention?”—was delivered at Kfar Blum, in the northern Galilee. Cohen has been named an “affiliated professor” of Haifa University.


Professor Cohen has also written a lengthy analysis of the political and socio-economic crisis in France in an article entitled “French Crisis, Left Crisis” featured in the most recent edition of Dissent magazine (Summer 2006), of which he is co-editor.

He’ll be back at Baruch this fall.

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