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Baruch College Receives Archive of 20th Century Historical Records from Institute of Public Administration

(New York, NY; Jan. 20, 2010) Baruch College’s School of Public Affairs and the William and Anita Newman Library announced today that the Institute of Public Administration (IPA), formerly the Bureau of Municipal Research (BMR), has donated its extensive archive of historical records spanning the period 1906 through 2002 to Baruch College. Recognized as the nation’s premier chronicler of local government in the early 20th century, BMR has continued that legacy through its gift to Baruch College: included among the vast array of documents is the most complete known collection of local government studies from across the country, spanning 1910 through 1940. New York City government studies also figure prominently in the collection.

One of the IPA’s early directors, Frederick Cleveland, was the chair of President William Howard Taft’s Commission on Economy and Efficiency from 1911–1912. A later director, Luther Gulick, was a member of President Franklin Roosevelt’s Committee on Administrative Management, which recommended the creation of the Executive Office of the President. Gulick went on to direct a study of New York City government that led to the creation of the role of City Administrator, a position he later held.

The IPA/BMR archive contains records from Cleveland, Gulick and numerous other leading figures in public administration over the course of the 20th century.

“Baruch College is grateful for the research opportunities created by the gift of this archive,” said Daniel Williams, associate professor of public affairs. “As is the case with the Newman Library’s existing Archive on Municipal Finance and Leadership, which documents New York City’s fiscal crisis of the 1970s, these records provide insights into our past that are sure to enhance our ability to navigate the future.”

Researchers interested in accessing the archive should contact Professor Sandra Roff of the Newman Library well in advance of making travel plans. She can be reached at 646-312-1623 or via e-mail at

Contact: Jennifer Pauly


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