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First Time Novelist Dave King Leaps to Literary Success

Dave King has been teaching in the Baruch College English Department for 5 years, one of   53 adjunct lecturers who toil in obscurity.   Well, no more.   Little, Brown has just published his first novel The Ha-Ha to extravagant reviews. A whirlwind book tour and contracts with foreign publishers in Japan, Israel and Germany have ensued.   The novel, described by one admirer as wonderfully accomplished and achingly full of heart, is inspired in part by King's older brother who was autistic.   Prior to publishing The Ha-Ha,t he strange-sounding title derives from English landscape gardening -- King worked at just about everything.   He was variously a florist, bartender, cab driver and photographer's assistant.   His first career was as a painter.   For a time, he and a partner produced murals and trompe-l'oeil decorations for clients that included Barbara Walters and Richard Nixon.

How has his life change since the publication of his book? Not a great deal, says King, though he admits all the hoopla is fun in ways I hadn't foreseen. I worked on it pretty much in isolation for seven years. The Ha-Ha went to a second printing three days before its official publication date of Jan. 11, 2004 and it's already required reading at places like Bennington, Brown and Columbia.   King, who calls himself a writing wonk, expects to be back at Baruch teaching freshmen composition soon. But who can tell for sure? Warner Brothers just bought the movie rights.


For additional information, go to the King's website :
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