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Baruch College Counseling Center Receives Award from the van Ameringen Foundation

New York, NY – Mar. 24, 2008 – Baruch College has been awarded $120,000 by the van Ameringen Foundation to enhance the College's Student Counseling Center. The gift will help the Center to provide timely and responsive support and treatment to students in crisis. The award provides $60,000 a year for two years to fund a new full-time mental health clinician to act as a Triage/Crisis Manager. The funds will also enable Baruch to address the most urgent situations effectively with the least disruption to students’ lives, the campus community, and the ongoing counseling services provided to students served by the Center.

With a clinician specifically dedicated to assisting a student in crisis, emergency situations will be handled expeditiously and compassionately. Whether the student drops in, calls the Center’s office, or is brought to the attention of the Center by faculty, staff, or students, the Triage/Crisis Manager will guide the student in crisis to ensure that he or she gets any necessary support and services. The clinician will follow the student’s case over several days as needed until the crisis is resolved.

In addition, the Triage/Crisis Manager will screen, assess, and prioritize all students coming into the Center for the first time. This new initiative will significantly improve the Center’s timely delivery of services to those students most vulnerable to the disruption of their lives and academic programs due to mental health issues. At the same time, it will enable the Center to deploy its resources more efficiently.

The College is extremely grateful to the van Ameringen Foundation for its generous support of this initiative. The van Ameringen Foundation is a private grantmaking foundation located in New York City and active principally in metropolitan New York and Philadelphia. From its beginning, the Foundation has sought to stimulate prevention, education, and direct care in the mental health field. The Foundation emphasizes services for individuals and populations having an impoverished background and few opportunities for whom appropriate intervention would produce positive change.

The College also appreciates the efforts of David Cheng and Caroline Kasnakian of the Counseling Center, Vice-President for Student Development Ben Corpus, and Evelyn Roberts of College Advancement in working with the van Ameringen Foundation to bring this support to the College.

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