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Continuing And Professional Studies Offers Jewish Studies Courses

NEW YORK, NY, October 27, 2011 -- The Jewish Studies Center (JSC) builds awareness about some of the biggest issues and challenges facing Jewish communities today. The JSC at Baruch College has partnered with Baruch's Division of Continuing and Professional Studies (CAPS) to offer Jewish Studies courses and seminars to the public that are designed to educate and enlighten individuals who seek to learn more about Jewish arts, culture and history.

The JSC in the Weissman School of Arts and Sciences at Baruch College reflects the legacy and heritage of the college, its tradition of educating New York City immigrants, its diverse population, and its special relationship to and place within Manhattan.

CAPS offers more than 1,000 classes and 50+ non-credit professional certificate programs every fall, spring and summer. The division also develops customized courses and programs for small businesses and large corporations throughout the tri-state area, providing or supplementing their staff training options.

“Jewish cultural identity is endlessly evolving,” says Jessica Lang, director of The Jewish Studies Center. “The courses we're offering give unique insights into the art, music, dance and literature that provide the basis of Jewish cultural and religious expression--from the Song of Solomon to the canvasses of Chagall. There's something for everyone.”

Prices of the JSC /CAPS courses range from $129 to $399. Visit The Jewish Studies Center website to learn about class time schedules. The following courses are being offered fall 2011, with courses starting November 1:

Film and the Holocaust, Nov. 1 -Dec. 1: examines a range of these films: documentaries, Nazi propaganda films, comedy, and feature films. The course will address how cinema works to convey and represent the Holocaust; how different forms of cinematic genre affect our understanding and the portrayal of the events they describe; the history and role of film during and since the Holocaust.

Jewish American Literature, Nov.3 -Dec. 22: examines contemporary contributions of Jewish American authors covering a range of genres: fiction, plays, poetry, and memoir.

The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire: A 100-year Retrospective, Nov. 15 -Dec. 13: examines one of the greatest industrial tragedies in American history, the fire at the Triangle Shirtwaist Company in New York City, which occurred on March 25, 1911. The Triangle fire drew attention to the health and safety of workers and motivated the passage of numerous bills and laws for their protection. The Triangle fire inspired numerous works of art including opera, plays, songs, paintings and sculpture.

Jewish Mysticism, Dec. 1 -Dec. 15: offers a brief survey of the history of Jewish mysticism, its symbolism, language and meditative practices. Modern interpretations of Jewish mysticism will also be reviewed throughout the course. Class discussions will be based on readings, music, and contemplative exercises.



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