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Baruch Launches into the Blogosphere

CAC.ophony: Conversations in Communication Across the Curriculum

On November 2, 2005, the Bernard L. Schwartz Communication Institute launched, a new blog on communication-intensive instruction at the college level, administered and maintained by the institute’s Writing and Communication Fellows at Baruch College.

“The purpose of CAC.ophony is to provide a forum for the institute's staff to share some of their thinking about various aspects of their work, and, just as importantly, to encourage our readers to comment on it,” said Mikhail Gershovich, the institute’s deputy director. He added: “We hope to create an ongoing dialogue about some of the important questions, ideas, and concerns that motivate and derive from the institute's work with Baruch's students and faculty.”

With new content posted several times a week, recent postings include: Learning in the Age of Podcasting, Technology and Second Language Writing, and Teaching Generation Tech. The site includes an RSS feed, which displays any new content, and visitors can subscribe to have the latest postings emailed to them.

In addition to technology-related communication, the Bernard L. Schwartz Communication Institute and its new blog focus on traditional language issues, such as writing assessment and public speaking.

The launch of CAC.ophony makes Baruch College an innovative new voice in the dynamic conversation about writing, pedagogy, and technology. “We’re unique within CUNY as a forum for discussing Communication Across the Curriculum,” said Kate Moss, editor-in-chief of CAC.ophony and a Communication Fellow. “In fact, there aren’t many blogs where groups of people are discussing Communication Across the Curriculum.”

The blog has been getting positive feedback from within the Baruch community, and has already received comments CUNY-wide. As the popularity of blogs continues to grow, what does the future hold for CAC.ophony? “We’ll see where it goes,” says Gershovich. “The blog will take on a life of its own.”


Thomas Fugalli
Communications and Marketing


The Bernard L. Schwartz Communication Institute is dedicated to infusing oral, written, and computer-mediated communication into the curriculum at Baruch College.

For more information about the institute, visit its Web site or email

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