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Baruch Forms Partnership with National Hispanic
Corporate Achievers, Award Scholarships

Photo - Winners of the NHCA scholarships with CUNY Trustee Philip Berry and NHCA president Danny Ramos.>
Danny Ramos, president of National Hispanic Corporate Achievers and Donna Haggarty, executive director of strategic partnerships at Baruch (left) with scholarship winners Daniella Dasilva, Noemi Torres, Janeth Castro, Helen Hilario, and CUNY Trustee Philip Berry (right)

Baruch College is becoming a key player in the advancement of Hispanics in the corporate world.

In large part, the college is accomplishing its goal - of getting Latinos into board rooms - by networking. But it’s no longer an “old boys” network. It’s a network of  men and women, and it has the colors of the rainbow.

“This is a seed that we’re planning,” said Danny Ramos, president of the National Hispanic Corporate Achievers, which held a leadership summit at Baruch on Oct. 13. At the gathering were eager and ambitious Latino students, who throughout the day met with and chatted with high level executives who were eager to become role models for their collegiate counterparts.

 President Kathleen Waldron said that Baruch is happily developing strong ties with National Hispanic Corporate Achievers. She said it is a partnership that developed about a year ago, largely through the involvement of Philip Berry.
Berry is Vice President of Global Diversity at Colgate Palmolive, but he also happens to be on the Board of Trustees of the City University of New York
NHCA President Danny Ramos, and Scholarship Winners Donna Haggarty, Daniella Dasilva, Noemi Torres, Janeth Castro, Helen Hilario, and CUNY Trustee Philip Berry.

On that day about a year ago, Berry invited about 20 Baruch students to spend half a day at his office. According to Waldron, Berry has recognized “that the National Hispanic Corporate Achievers and Baruch share a vision of diversity that brands us as leaders in any discussion about preparing for a global market and global workplace.”

Both Berry and Waldron were satisfied that the Hispanic Achievers National Leadership Summit Conference marked a significant step forward in their accomplishment of their common goal: a more diverse corporate America.
In an interview that day, Berry said, “The National Hispanic Corporate Achievers has recognized individuals who have achieved within their companies every year. I wanted to bring them into a college with a global business curriculum and expose both institutions to each other.”

The Hispanic Corporate Achievers this year awarded scholarships to a number of Latino Baruch students, and the group announced that the awards will be given annually.

“We will be giving scholarships to Baruch students every year, beginning this year,” Ramos said in an interview.

Even the White House is taking note of what Baruch and Hispanic Corporate Achievers are accomplishing together.

“This gives me more inspiration - that institutions of higher education are dedicated to serving a diverse population,” said Adam Chavarria, Executive Director of the White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for Hispanic-Americans, who attended the October gathering at Baruch.

Said Waldron, “Baruch is committed to leading change in the classroom and the boardroom when it comes to diversity.”

Article courtesy of CUNY Matters

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