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Baruch College, the Valentín Lizana Y Parragué Endowment and  the Paul-André Memorial Fund Host "Women of Color Network Personal Development Workshop Series"



NEW YORK, NY-March 24, 2015 -The Weissman School of Arts and Sciences at Baruch College, the Valentín Lizana y Parragué Endowment and the Paul-André Memorial Fund present “Women of Color Network Personal Development Workshop Series”. The series consist of three workshops focused on personal development. Each workshop is distinctive, yet inclusive. They are designed to make one aware of the personal and external blockages and fears that may be stopping you from having meaningful experiences in life. These workshops are free and open to the public.

The first workshop will be on self-empowerment, the second on resiliency, and the last will be on authentic expression. Since the three workshops are designed to build upon each other and have a cumulative effect, it is suggested that you take all three. The workshops will be conducted by Pierre R. Dubois, a renowned spiritual teacher, counselor, healer, and certified life coach. Mr. Dubois offers classes on a weekly basis in New York City and Long Island and has also lectured nationally and conducted workshops on the topics of “The Power of Forgiveness” and “Claiming Your Personal Power”. He is the author of Primer for Ascension: Lessons Learned on the Path of Enlightenment. He is also the founder of Gaiaville, which is the first sustainable intentional community of its kind. Pierre Dubois holds two advanced degrees from Columbia University, and is a registered architect in the state of New York, where he has been practicing for 25 years, focusing primarily on nonprofit affordable housing.



“Workshop I: Self-Empowerment”

Wednesday, March 25, 12:30-2:30 p.m.

55 Lexington Avenue (Newman Vertical Campus Building), Room 14-270

Personal power is the ability to be the cause of what happens to you. It is the fundamental right to approve or disapprove the influences of internal subconscious programs and external events that seek to make one emotionally reactive. Touching on the various mindsets and exploring how each effects our decisions, productivity and how to change defeating behaviors.


“Workshop II: Resiliency”

Friday, March 27, 12:30-2:30 p.m.

151 E. 25th Street (Newman Library Building), Room 130

To have the strength and stamina to stay on course for the duration requires that your goals are clear and that you do not allow yourself to be distracted by the needs and desires of others.


“Workshop III: Authentic Expression”

Wednesday, April 8, 12:30-2:30 p.m.

55 Lexington Avenue (Newman Vertical Campus Building), Room 14-270

Authenticity is a fragile, breakable, and extinguishable point that is buried so deep in our core that some of us can no longer find our way to it. Finding your authentic core is the process of removing false axes and identities. If you decide to take on this challenge, it can be a transformative life changing experience.



About Baruch College:
Baruch College is a senior college in the City University of New York (CUNY) with a total enrollment of more than 18,000 students, who represent 164 countries and speak more than 129 languages. Ranked among the top 15% of U.S. colleges and the No. 4 public regional university, Baruch College is regularly recognized as among the most ethnically diverse colleges in the country. As a public institution with a tradition of academic excellence, Baruch College offers accessibility and opportunity for students from every corner of New York City and from around the world. For more about Baruch College, go to



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