Alumni Spotlight

March Alumni Spotlight with Chelsea Chateauvert, BSPA '12

March 16 Alumni Spotlight

"The BSPA program taught me that you can't always be ready to succeed at something new but you can be ready to try ?and learn from your mistakes.” Chelsea Chateauvert, BSPA ‘12 lets us in on her experience in the BSPA program and her role at National Action Council for Minorities in Engineering.

What was your experience like getting your degree in the BSPA program? What are some of the most critical skills you learned?
I found my experience to be extremely practical! Everything I learned in the BSPA program I use today. One of my best classes was taught by an adjunct who would bring his experiences from work that morning to our afternoon class. We learned about office politics and how to communicate with our peers in an effect manner. One project involved presenting a solution to an issue in our work, home or school environment. We had to start with a memo and work our way up to presenting a solution and executing the changes. Everyone thought it was a great assignment and I still use his step by step method today to get from point A to B in my office.

What are some of the chief initiatives you support as Development Coordinator at National Action Council for Minorities in Engineering?
As one of two development employees I pretty much do it all. I am in charge of managing the grants application and reporting process, maintaining relationships with our corporate, foundation, and individual donors, manage our entire database, and assist in all fundraising activities. We are focused on a new initiative of supporting students from college to career and part of my job is to relay our new direction to our donors and supporters. We want everyone to be aware of our focus on ensuring ever underrepresented minority student, interested in earning an engineering degree, has the support they need to graduate and find a job.

What's the most challenging part of your role? How have your past positions and education with Baruch helped to prepare you to overcome these challenges?
Working in a small office requires that I am ready and willing to take on roles I might not be ready for. The BSPA program taught me that you can't always be ready to succeed at something new but you can be ready to try and learn from your mistakes. I have worked in the education sector in some capacity or another since graduation and I love getting to know and work with driven talented students who are trying to make their mark in the world. It's hard sometimes to remember that not too long ago I was in their shoes but it's rewarding to know that I can use the memories of my time at Baruch to have understanding for their position. In some ways we never stop being students to our superiors but Baruch taught me that I am smart and I have something to offer. Remembering that helps me to thrive in my current role.