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Known as "Asia's World City", Hong Kong is the world's most popular international traveller destination, and the home to the world's most frequently travelled citizens. The City University of Hong Kong (CityU) is globally recognised as a top centre of higher learning and research. A popular destination for exchange students, Hong Kong is one of the world's leading international financial centers. Marxe students can study at CityU through the Baruch College Exchange.

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Location: East Asia
Capital: China (Special Administrative Region of China)
Official languages: Chinese, English
Currency: Hong Kong dollar (HK$)
Economy: Services, textiles, clothing, tourism, banking
Main exports: Electronics, electrical appliances, gold, jewelry, machine parts, textiles
Climate: Monsoon-influenced humid subtropical
Time difference: 12 hours ahead of NYC
Fun fact: It has the most skyscrapers in the world, with 8,000 buildings having more than 14 floors, almost double that of New York

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