Austin W. Marxe School of Public and International Affairs Seminars in Argentina
The purpose of this seminar series is to enhance the prestige and prominence of Baruch College to a national and international audience. As part of the “Make a Global Perspective Central to the Baruch Experience” goal, the Austin W. Marxe School of Public and International Affairs Office of Global Initiatives established annual seminars with our partner Institution in Argentina - Universidad Argentina de la Empresa (UADE). The UADE will host seminars and the Austin W. Marxe School of Public and International Affairs will be sending speakers to deliver lectures on a wide range of topics related to regional economic integration, business practices and relationships, human rights, and civil society. We are looking for faculty from all 3 schools to teach seminars in Argentina. Available months are April, May, June, September, October, November 2017.

Each seminar will run for twenty hours divided into five labor days.

The following are the seminars topics:

  • Seminar 1 April: Law School and Juridical Sciences
    Topics related to international relations, law, or psychology
  • Seminar 2 May: Engineering School
    Topics related to management for engineers
  • Seminar 3 June: Communication School and UADE Pinamar
    Topics related to hospitality, entertainment and communication
  • Seminar 4 September: UADE Business School
    Topics related to MBA program
  • Seminar 5 October: School of Management and Economics
    Topics related to global management
  • Seminar 6 November. Design and Architecture School
    Topics related to Art and Design Management

This program is funded mutually by MSPIA and UADE. Compensation for delivering lectures will be $3500.00 per seminar. In addition, the program will support travel expenses for faculty members that are part of MSPIA seminar series at UADE. This includes: round-trip plane tickets in economy class, accommodation at a hotel selected by UADE, up to US$ 50 for daily expenses.

Contact Information
If you are interested in participating or learning more, please email Angelina Delgado.