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These resources are recommended for current students to explore and are given for informational purposes.

Contact MSPIA.Global.Intitatives@baruch.cuny.edu for questions

Weissman Center for International Business: Xiamen Internship Program
The Weissman Center for International Business and Xiamen University have partnered to offer a summer internship opportunity in Xiamen, China for qualified Baruch College students. The Xiamen Internship Program is an exciting opportunity for a Baruch College student seeking valuable professional experience within an international work experience, all in an English-speaking work environment. The internship will last for 6 weeks, and students will be engaged in related research and professional practice and submit an internship report at the end of the program.

Contact Sarah.Demetz@baruch.cuny.edu for details and application.

AIESEC in New York City
AIESEC is a global youth-led organization striving to achieve peace and fulfillment of humankind’s potential by activating leadership qualities in youth through learning from practical experiences in challenging environments. Together with partner organizations, AIESEC facilitates a network of cross-cultural exchanges in the form of volunteering experiences and professional internships.

Link: http://aiesecus.org/ or send an email to Eric Silva Felsenthal at newyorkcity-president@aiesecus.org

CIEE Summer Global Internship
The CIEE Summer Global Internship programs combine a full-time internship with an integrated academic seminar to provide professional exploration and specific skills development. CIEE has an onsite team that provides one-on-one assistance, and will reach out to companies that are a good fit to coordinate the interview and matching process.

Link: https://www.ciee.org/go-abroad/college-study-abroad/internships/summer-global-internships

At CISabroad, advisors provide guidance throughout the application process, starting with choosing a program to securing an internship to applying for your passport and necessary visas. On-site assistance is also provided upon arrival to the destination of the program.

Link: https://www.cisabroad.com/

As a provider of international internships, CRCC Asia works with over 600 companies in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Tokyo, Ho Chi Minh City and Manchester to provide students and graduates the opportunity to further their personal and professional development in a dynamic, international setting. All of their Programs allow participants to gain insight into global business culture, meet industry leaders and build business networks.

Link: https://www.crccasia.com/

French American Chamber of Commerce: American Trainees in France
In the spirit of reciprocity and international understanding, the FACC training program for Americans in France brings together qualified young Americans aspiring to work in France, and companies interested in hosting them for up to 18 months.

Link: http://www.faccnyc.org/global-careers-j-1-visas/american-trainees-in-france/

The Intern Group
The Intern Group offers a program is a short-term (their average program length is just over eight weeks), international, educational experience for those who wish to travel outside of their comfort zone, both literally and metaphorically. It is for those who wish to gain that crucial experience in their chosen industry while simultaneously learning about the way of life and culture of a different country.

Link: https://www.theinterngroup.com/

Projects Abroad
Projects Abroad is one of the largest volunteer abroad organizations in the world. Volunteer or intern abroad in Africa, Asia, Europe, or Latin America. They offer overseas voluntary work placements including teaching, care, conservation & environment, medicine & healthcare, journalism, law & human rights, international development, business, and more.

Link: https://www.projects-abroad.org/

World Endeavors
World Endeavors offers four meaningful ways for participants to go abroad: interning, studying, volunteering, and customized group programs. Each offers a different type of immersive experience in the host country and suits the needs of a different kind of traveler.

Link: https://www.worldendeavors.com/