international comparative policy analysis forum

As our society becomes increasingly global and more diverse, comparative policy is becoming a critical topic and an important part of a well-rounded public policy education. With this in mind, we are pleased to offer the opportunity to get involved with the International Comparative Policy Analysis (ICPA-Forum), a scholarly society dedicated to promoting research and practices of comparative policy analysis.

There are several ways to get involved. One is to take advantage of an opportunity to publish papers in the Journal of Comparative Policy Analysis Forum, or, to attend the Forum’s many events and workshops dedicated to exploring concepts and approaches to public policy all over the world.

About the Journal
The Journal of Comparative Policy Analysis supports the mission of the ICPA-Forum by examining comparative policy issues, methodologies and theories. It is the only double-blind, comparative journal of policy analytic studies in the world. The editors of the Journal encourage graduate students to submit research papers that pertain to issues relating to comparative policy studies and/or public affairs, administration, and management.

About the Workshops
Attending the ICPA-Forum’s annual workshops can help you build your understanding of comparative policy issues. Past workshops explored issues such as policy evaluation and improvement, disaster resiliency programs, and the emergence and role of implementation in policy design and oversight. These events present an opportunity for you to engage in roundtables and attend lectures with scholars of comparative policy analysis from around the world.

For more information on either the ICPA-Forum or its Journal, contact Iris Geva-May, Editor of the Journal and Professor of Policy Studies at